Organization is key to keeping your business afloat. Putting all your ducks in a row goes a long way in getting things done.

Thankfully, there are a plethora of apps that help us stay organized, focus, and be more productive. One of such apps is Mailbutler.

What is Mailbutler?

Mailbutler is an email extension with a varied number of features. As the name suggests, it is a butler in your mail and at your service.

The service is available for Apple mail, Gmail, and Google Suite. It can also connect to several other productivity apps you already know, such as Dropbox, Google Drive, and Slack.

It’s most notable features include:

  • Reminders
  • Message Templates
  • Notes and Tasks
  • Tracking

Mailbutler is excellent for both small and large businesses and even to stay personally organized. It has three plans: Free, Professional, and Business.

Take some time to decide which one to pick, but I will straightforward let you know: the paid version is completely worth it.

10 Reasons Why You Should Add Mailbutler to Your Tool Arsenal

Ok, now let’s get down to why you should add Mailbutler as an email client.

Reason #1 – Email scheduling

This is one of the most useful features of Mailbutler. This feature is helpful whenever you are in the mood of writing bulk emails but want to send them at different times.

Here are a couple of reasons why this feature is great:

  • You can schedule emails overseas to be sent at a time favorable for the recipient.
  • Email reminders can be set to 10 minutes before the meeting
  • How about birthday emails?
  • It allows you to email your team periodic update requests
  • It buys you time to think about what you wrote and get some time to decide if it is a good idea or not.

Once you schedule an email, it stays in a special folder called Scheduled. From there, you can edit it or cancel it.

Reason #2 – You can set up reminders

Mailbutler integrates with productivity apps such as Wunderlist, Asana, and Todoist. This provides a prime experience with reminders.

The process for setting up a reminder is unbelievably easy and will only take 5 minutes.

Reason #3 – Unsubscribing is super easy

Having an inbox full of unread messages is already stressful enough. But getting most messages as spam (even when they promised they wouldn’t) is downright cringy.

Mailbutler gives you the chance to unsubscribe from any mail letter with only one click, which is super nifty and convenient.

Reason #4 – Message list avatars

This might seem like an aesthetic factor only, but hey, the looks do help to a friendly environment. Every email includes an avatar of the sender. This way, you can more clearly see who you are emailing.

Mailbutler will get the photo of your contact and put it as their avatar. It no photo is found, the software places a grey circle with the sender’s initials.

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Reason #5 – Tracking

This is a fantastic feature that notifies you when someone has opened your email and clicked on your links. But it does not stay there, of course.

You get some pretty useful stats like:

  • First time opened
  • Last time opened
  • Reply time
  • Number of times opened
  • Time it took the sender to respond

This information allows you to know which are your most engaged clients, and to schedule follow-ups based on that. It even tells you the location and device type of your sender.

Reason #6 – Creating notes

When you open an email or when you are typing one, there’s some stuff about such email that you want to remember. This is what the notes feature is for.

Just open any email and write a reminding note about it. Every time you open a message, you will see your notes.

To access all your notes, go to the Mailbutler dashboard or your Apple companion app.

Reason #7 – The ability to turn an email into a task

Every time I would get an email from a client, I’d have to go to my tasks app and write down details on how to work with this client.

Mailbutler was a game-changer in that now I have this feature integrated into my mail.

This saves a lot of time in planning and scheduling. The software includes the ability to set an actionable task after reading that email and setting a reminder.

All tasks can also be accessed through the dashboard or the Apple companion app.

Remember I mentioned how I used a task app to get things organized and done? I did not need to abandon my app because I was able to integrate it with Mailbutler. There are several popular apps that you can integrate with your tasks option.

In the mobile app, you can even create team tasks to keep everyone on track along with you.

Reason #8 – Message templates is a huge time-saver

Need to send the same email at different times? Or, you need to send a sales pitch, or maybe a request? There is no need to type the message every time.

Sending the same mail repeatedly does not need to be a copy/paste task. Message Templates enables the creation of templates that you only need to edit for every particular message you send quickly.

The dashboard includes the list of all the templates you have designed, which you can, of course, use as many times as needed.

Reason #9 – The professional-looking signature

Of course, Mailbutler is not the only signature software out there. Gmail provides a signature option as well, but not as rich and customizable.

There are several features that you can add to your signature. The look is pretty nice and professional-looking. Add your profile photo or the company’s, URLs, your social media buttons, and more.

Reason #10 – Time to edit after second thoughts

Did you ever send an email, and then, at the last moment, think of something you probably forgot? Or perhaps, maybe it was not the right time to send that email.

Not only can you schedule an email to be sent later, but, by default, you can set a delay for each mail you send. This gives you enough time to change your mind and unsend the message if you wish.

A lot of embarrassing moments will be avoided.

To Conclude

Mailbutler is a multifaceted email client that you can use right there with your Apple mail or Gmail. There is no need to go to any third-party apps when you can have such amazing features right there in your inbox.

At first, it might take a little while getting used to the app, especially when you have a sometimes overwhelming arsenal of features. But, once you get all the tricks, you will probably wonder how you lived so long without it.

Head over to our “Who We Use” page and click on the MailButler logo to take your inbox back!

Author Bio: Devin Schumacher is an internet entrepreneur and digital marketing consultant. Currently acting as CEO of SERP Co, a full-service digital marketing agency, Devin also advises & mentors numerous marketing consultants, agencies & local businesses as the head of SERP University – a place for learning cutting edge digital marketing strategies, free. 

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