Recorded Webinar IHUBApp Project Description:

The IHUBApp provides an ideal and cost-effective solution for educators looking to leverage a webinar PWA, also known as a learning management system (LMS).

Educators can showcase their programs and individual classes to prospective students, offering the flexibility for students to purchase and view pre-recorded webinars at their convenience.

Customizable content channels can be tailored for various audiences, including the general public, current students, and alumni, ensuring targeted and relevant communication.

We also create content for this Hub, including news and educational information about the IHUBApp platform with the goal of informing and engaging prospective clients, existing clients, and new Hubmasters alike. We focus on delivering timely updates, insightful articles, and educational resources that highlight the capabilities and benefits of the IHUBApp. Whether it’s announcing new features and functionalities or providing tips and best practices for maximizing the platform’s potential, our content aims to empower users with the knowledge they need to harness the full power of IHUBApp for their communities or businesses.

We are enthusiastic about utilizing the IHUBApp to support teachers, mentors, coaches and tutors in monetizing their businesses effectively. Explore below to discover if IHUBApp is the right platform to elevate your webinar offerings and engage your audience.

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IHUBApp Progressive Web App

The award-winning and patent-pending IHUBApp progressive web app platform is an excellent choice for those looking to move beyond a WordPress website.

Ideal for content creators and community builders, the upfront design costs are significantly lower compared to a WordPress website.

For a nominal monthly license fee, you get hosting, maintenance, tech support, and content delivery capabilities. Say goodbye to third-party website hosts, email marketing platforms, and virtual assistants!

The IHUBApp not only provides a website but also an app with numerous features, eliminating the need for external plugins. Check out the complete list of features below.

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IHUBApp features include:

IHUBApp transforms every one of its websites into a secure, highly customized mobile app that can be downloaded directly from the website. Here’s what you can expect:

  • Comprehensive Notifications: Keep users informed with push, text, email, and desktop notifications for all updates across the Hub.
  • Intelligent Content Channels: Users choose the content they see, increasing relevance exponentially. Unlike Facebook and Instagram, there are no algorithms throttling content reach. Every registered member receives every post from their subscribed content channels.
  • Paid Content Channels: Easily charge users subscription fees for premium content.
  • Built-in Content Delivery System: Eliminates the need for third-party email marketing platforms and improves email deliverability (IHUBApp emails have a significant higher likelihood of landing in your subscriber inboxes because they are individually curated, not bulk blasts!).
  • Customized Newsletters: Automatically curated and customized newsletters are created weekly for each member based on their interests.
  • Membership Platform: Create a private online community centered around a shared interest in a product, service, mission, or hobby.
  • User-Uploaded Content: Supports user-uploaded content, which can be moderated or unmoderated.
  • Custom User Roles: Allow admins to grant access to specific areas of the Hub to designated individuals.
  • Subscriber Database Import: Easily import your subscribers from other platforms and invite users to the IHUBApp.
  • Appearance Customization: Customize the appearance with your color scheme, logo, and favicon.
  • Editable Menu: Fully editable menu linking to pages, posts, channels, or the custom URL of your choice.
  • Branded Home Page Sliders: Add sliders linked to posts, pages, events, donations, channels, contact pages, or custom URLs (including sponsors).
  • Home Page Customization: Customize the content area above and below the sliders.
  • Pages & Posts: Easily create pages and posts with image or video headers, using proprietary content or articles from other websites, and schedule publishing or expiration dates.
  • Post by Email: Simplify posting to individual channels and blasting new content with the post by email feature.
  • Interactive Post Modules: Easily add calls to action, a survey(s), a Google Map(s), a photo gallery, and a call for volunteers at the end of each post.
  • Content Moderation: Optional moderation of comments and submitted content.
  • Post Labels: Use post labels to filter content, similar to WordPress tags.
  • Event Registration: Enable event registration with free or paid tickets, with automatic confirmations sent to attendees. Only payment processor fees apply.
  • Advertising: Enable advertisers to promote their offerings directly, with moderation control.
  • Built-in Donation Feature: Allows users to donate to multiple preset causes.
  • Customizable Contact Page: Easily Design your contact page to suit your needs.
  • Secure Messaging: Consolidate communication with a secure private messaging system.
  • Stripe Integration: Support for one-time payments or recurring subscriptions.
  • Custom CSS: For higher level design customizations; only available with Standard License.
  • Built-In GDPR Compliance
  • Analytics & Tracking: Includes basic built-in analytics and the ability to install tracking codes.
  • User Database Export: Export user data into a CSV file for use with other tools.
  • COMING SOON: e-Commerce

Click here for current IHUBApp license pricing. To learn more about IHUBApp, visit our PWA page.