Our Solopreneur & Small Business Clients

Our ideal customer is a solopreneur or small business looking to take their business to the next level. They understand that to grow a business you must invest in it—and they are ready to do so with passion, creativity, and positivity. With an experienced and aligned team, greatness happens!

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Matt Callison of AcuSport Education

AcuSport Education is an educational company offering a comprehensive online and in-person Sports Medicine Acupuncture® program and CEU courses taught by highly skilled TCM practitioners.

“I own an educational business that reaches people all over the world. I am very happy that I found Janet at Scribaceous, Inc. She is honest, professional, solve problems quickly, trouble shoots ideas and implements business tasks with great precision. I highly recommend Scribaceous, Inc. to all small business needing a website or even a webpage built that is fully functional with today’s SEO and Commerce demands.

One more thing…I just got back from a little surfing time and in the water this thought/feeling strongly came to me—I appreciate you for not only your skills as a website manager, but also because you are kind hearted. I appreciate that in you, Janet.”

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Dave Ward & Monica Koon
The Fit Club Network

Dave and Monica are our oldest clients! They help people achieve their goals and live healthy and more fulfilling lives using the great outdoors and Beachbody at home workout programs and supplements.

“Janet has been a fantastic addition to our team. The past couple of years have been challenging as our business has changed and our brand has had to adapt to those changes. As entrepreneurs and small business owners we need to stay nimble and have tasks handled as needed, when needed. That’s exactly what Janet has always done for us. She is diligent, dedicated and detail oriented and stays on top of social media trends, which has really helped our business. Her mastery of the written word, combined with her talent for visual arts, are invaluable assets.”


Pedro Poth
Artifex Vitae

Pedro Poth is an international boutique architect and builder located in Pedasí, Panamá, providing design and build services for local residents and businesses.


Brett Mikkelson

Brett is the owner of BMInvestigations in Panama City, Panamá. A former interrogator for U.S. Army Intelligence, he now helps people navigate the intricacies of security and due diligence throughout Panamá and expats navigate the Spanish speaking news.


Tom Tulloch
Kingdom Painting

Tom is the founder and owner of Kingdom Painting, a residential and commercial painting company located in San Diego, California. We were thrilled to trade services with him — he painted my house and I revitalized his online presence!


Nobi Pyle, L.Ac., C.SMA

Nobi Pyle is a certified sports medicine acupuncture practitioner who also uses Chinese herbs as a healing modality. In addition to treating patients, Nobi provides 5NP training to her fellow practitioners.

“I have used two different website makers in the past. The experience with Janet was so much more pleasant than any others. Janet is very transparent, caring and efficient. She responded to my inquiries immediately and took actions immediately. I highly recommend her and very happy to know there is somebody who has your back.”