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Get 5 Platforms in 1 for Less Than a WordPress Website

Responsive Website ◦ Mobile App ◦ Content Delivery ◦ Event Registration ◦ Donations

Our innovative IHUBApp design service revolutionizes Progressive Web Apps (PWAs), simplifying the future of digital experiences. We are proud to offer our clients the patent-pending IHUBApp PWA—a mobile app and a website with built-in email marketing, event registration, membership, and donation capabilities.

Because the IHUBApp puts user experience and mobile performance first, it outperforms standard websites on every device and has a nearly perfect Lighthouse score for accessibility. We are thrilled to be able to empower our clients with this “next gen” platform that is simple enough for them to use and pass along our exclusive license pricing so it is affordable as well (check out the Cost Analysis tab below for a breakdown of savings).

Not only is the IHUBApp a simpler and less expensive alternative than a WordPress website, it has the potential to significantly boost engagement, change your business game and is the smartest use of your business investment dollars!

The IHUBApp is a no-code Progressive Web App (PWA) platform, blending the best features of websites and apps, as defined by Google.

It incorporates intelligent, authentic technology that seamlessly adjusts to users’ devices, ensuring optimal performance across various operating systems.

Its intuitive interface empowers business owners to handle more tasks independently, minimizing the need for frequent professional assistance with website management.

Ideal for those seeking to enhance client interaction through valuable content and a supportive community, the IHUBApp offers:

  • Dual functionality as both an app and a website
  • A built-in content delivery platform
  • Capabilities as an interactive, secure, and algorithm-free online community
  • “Intelligent Content Channels” enabling users to personalize their app experience by selecting preferred content
  • Paid Subscription Channels allowing for easy monetization of premium content
  • Automatic push notifications (user-enabled) and emails notifying registered users of new content updates on their chosen channels or the Home broadcast channel
  • Custom weekly newsletters automatically curated by the IHUBApp based on individual user subscriptions
  • Built-in secure one-on-one messaging
  • Integrated event registration and donation features (seamless Stripe payment integration)
  • GDPR compliance and robust analytics
  • Capable of achieving a 95+ Lighthouse accessibility score with no additional investment

Experience the power of the IHUBApp to elevate your online presence effortlessly and effectively.

As your dedicated IHUBApp design agency, we provide the following tailored services:

  • Custom-designed IHUBApp featuring branded graphics that reflect your unique identity
  • Significantly discounted Standard License fee
  • Comprehensive one-hour training session to empower you in managing your Hub effectively

Utilizing a blend of phone consultations, detailed questionnaires, and ongoing email correspondence, we craft a visually striking IHUBApp that fosters customer engagement and positions your business for success.

Explore our IHUBStore to witness live demonstrations of IHUBApps in action and envision the possibilities for your business.

Key features of the IHUBApp mobile app include:

  • Seamless app download via link or QR code, bypassing the need to visit an app store
  • Enhanced speed with “mobile-first” technology, ensuring optimal performance
  • Desktop and mobile push notifications significantly enhance content delivery and engagement

Unlike traditional “native” apps, the IHUBApp provides a fully functional website with a streamlined design that preserves the rapid speed characteristic of apps.

The IHUBApp is a straightforward, no-code solution leveraging cutting-edge PWA technology to launch your app within days.

Did you know traditional e-newsletters fail 80% of the time? That’s simply unacceptable. It’s time to captivate your audience without fighting for their inbox attention!

The IHUBApp personalizes every customer experience, ensuring they pay attention, and fosters a connection that traditional websites and email platforms struggle to achieve. This results in higher open and read rates.

With the IHUBApp, you can communicate effectively with your clients and allow them to personalize their experience by subscribing to their preferred content. Content is automatically delivered to every registered user, saving time for business owners and significantly boosting engagement.

Benefits of using the IHUBApp for content delivery:

  • Say goodbye to third-party email platforms and enhance your open and read rates
  • All opt-ins, opt-outs, mobile carrier compliance, and data protection requirements are managed seamlessly by the IHUBApp
  • Significantly higher delivery rates directly to your subscribers’ inboxes
  • No more reliance on anyone else to deliver your blog posts and weekly newsletters
  • “Intelligent Channel Feeds” allow subscribers to customize the content they see on the app and receive in their inbox
  • Personalized newsletters are automatically curated and sent to registered users every week
  • Push notifications, email alerts, and desktop updates keep users informed about new posts and broadcasts from the Home channel
  • Easily import your existing email database, and let the IHUBApp invite your users to join your hub.

Click here to discover the benefits of IHUBApp’s email marketing capabilities and here to learn more about automated newsletter creation.

Unlock the potential to create your own exclusive membership community centered around your products, services, mission, or shared interests with the IHUBApp!

Key features include:

  • Built-in fully private membership system
  • Effortlessly invite your existing email subscribers to join your IHUBApp community
  • Customize content channel feeds for members to tailor their community experience
  • Members receive push notifications, email alerts, and optional text notifications when new content is published
  • Create engaging polls and surveys to interact with members
  • Integrated private messaging for seamless communication

Ideal for cultivating a private online community, the IHUBApp transforms a standard online presence into a dynamic platform for meaningful connections.

Unlike social media platforms, the IHUBApp ensures your content reaches community members without algorithmic barriers. Every registered member stays informed with updates from their subscribed channels.

With its personalized approach, the IHUBApp facilitates direct engagement with your customers, nurturing loyalty and enhancing overall customer experience. Studies indicate that 72% of branded communities experience increased website traffic, while 88% report improved customer satisfaction. Additionally, 58% of online communities observe greater brand loyalty among customers actively engaged in community interactions.

Explore Women of Grit, a thriving IHUBApp community, to witness these features in action and envision the possibilities for your own community.

For clients prioritizing their core strengths and seeking balance, our IHUBApp Management package is designed to streamline your digital presence and enhance engagement. This comprehensive service includes:

  • Content Creation: Choose from one of our three content creation packages and we’ll create high quality, relevant content that is tailored to resonate with your audience and reinforce your brand message.
  • Membership Growth: Strategic support to expand your Hub membership through targeted outreach and engagement initiatives, ensuring sustained community growth.
  • Content Moderation: Expert oversight of all content channel requests, comments, and submitted content to maintain quality and relevance, fostering a vibrant and respectful community environment.Our goal is to empower you to focus on what you do best while we handle the intricacies of managing and nurturing your IHUBApp community and presence. This package is ideal for businesses looking to maximize their online impact without compromising their core operations.

As a small business owner, planning for the future is crucial to maximizing your investment dollars. We offer our clients exclusive and unparalleled pricing on the IHUBApp Standard license, ensuring you get the best value for your money.

Below is a cost analysis demonstrating the cost-effectiveness of the IHUBApp compared to a traditional WordPress website:

“Desktop PWA installs have seen a 270% growth spurt since the beginning of 2021. This PWA growth spurt took place from February 1, 2021 to Feb. 1, 2022 with ‘Google Internal Data’ cited.” 9to5google.com

“There is no doubt PWAs are bringing huge growth opportunities to any business.” Scandiweb

“…emerging technologies like Progressive Web Apps can help you boost your website’s conversion rate and get ahead of your competition in the endless race for organic traffic.” Scandiweb

“Adoption of PWAs is growing rapidly, and organizations are discovering the myriad of real-world business goals they can impact.” Moz.com

“Progressive Web Apps should make it possible for users to access content on any device, access web content even when the internet connection is weak or not available, load websites quickly, and benefit from a high-quality user experience.” SearchMetrics.com

Trivago saw an increase of 150% for people who add its PWA to the home screen. Increased engagement led to a 79% increase in click outs to hotel offers. Users who go offline while browsing can continue to access the site and 67% continue to browse the site when they came back online. ThinkWithGoogle.com

The Best Western River North Hotel saw a 300% increase in revenue with their new Progressive Web App. HospitalityNet.org

Forbes redesigned their mobile experience as a PWA resulting in a 43% increase in sessions per user, ad viewability up 20%, and 100% more engagement. Google Chrome Developers

Google found that Progressive Web App install banners convert 5-6x more often than native install banners. Medium.com