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When it comes to website design, you do NOT want to choose the cheapest option. You want to hire a GOOD website designer who will save you time and money over the long-term by helping you position yourself well from the start.

8 Tips to Help you Hire a Good Website Designer

Here are eight helpful tips to help you hire a good website designer:

1. Determine your needs

Although you definitely want to have an idea of what you want your website to do before you start having discussions with potential web designers, you want to find , a designer that has the experience to educate you on ALL of the options that are available to you and listen to their valuable input.

The tech world changes regularly and quickly and it’s quite possible that you’re not aware of all of your options.

For example, here at Scribaceous, we know that an IHUBApp PWA is often a much better option for some of our clients. When they find out that we can give them a website PLUS an app with a built-in content delivery system for less up front cost than a WordPress website, they are thrilled!

2. Ask for referrals

Look for professional peers that have a website that you love and ask them if they would recommend the designer who built it.

3. Check portfolios

Look for a web designer whose portfolio showcases a style that you like and that includes websites similar to what you need.

4. Evaluate experience

Consider a web designer’s experience and expertise. Make sure they have experience creating the type of website you need and that they’re knowledgeable about current web design best practices and trends.

As mentioned above, experience brings knowledge of the newest trends and this will result in a much better long-term results for you.

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5. Look for clear and consistent communication

Choose a web designer who is easy to communicate with and who can explain complex technical concepts in a way that you understand.

Responsiveness is key. If they aren’t responding to you in a timely manner before you get started, it’s very unlikely they will while the project is in progress.

6. Consider cost

While considering cost is important, it’s rarely a good idea to choose the least expensive web designer. There’s usually a very valid reason why they are the least expensive and rarely will this reason serve you.

You do want to make sure you understand exactly what’s included in the price. If a potential web designer doesn’t offer a detailed list of all that’s included, do not hesitate to ask.

Read the contract before you sign it, so you don’t miss key information!

7. Ask for references

Before you hire a web designer, you want to check their reviews and ask them for testimonials or references from past clients. It’s worth taking the time to contact the references and ask about their experiences working with the designer.

8. Set clear expectations

Make sure you and the web designer are on the same page from the start by setting clear expectations for the project timeline, budget, and deliverables.

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By following these tips, you can hire a GOOD web designer who will help you create a website that meets your needs and, if you’ve hired an excellent one, actually exceeds your expectations.

About the author : Janet Doré

Janet Doré is the founder and CEO (Chief Everything Officer) of Scribaceous, Inc., a boutique design company specializing in branding & graphic design, IHubApp PWAs, WordPress websites, and optimized blog content. She is also the proud creator of the Hub Mama program where she trains and mentors those looking to grow their own freelance Hubmaster business.

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