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Optimized Blog Content Creation Package for IHUBApps & WordPress Websites

At Scribaceous, we know the impact of high-quality optimized content on driving traffic, engaging visitors, and boosting SEO. Whether you have a WordPress site or an IHUBApp PWA, a content creation package can be tailored to enhance your online presence.

Stop feeling overwhelmed and trying to do it all alone! Our experienced content writers help your business thrive while you maintain a healthy work-life balance. Our goal is to make our services pay for themselves by increasing your organic reach.

With over a decade of content creation experience, paired with our intuitive approach and reliable service, we’re committed to advancing your business. Serving clients globally, we utilize various platforms to cater to your needs, no matter your location!

Basic Package ($29.99/month)

What You Get: Two curated article shares per month (posted bi-weekly), complete with a personalized intro paragraph, a poll/survey (IHUBApp only), and a call to action.

Perfect For: Those who need a consistent flow of curated content to keep their audience engaged and improve their site’s SEO.

Premium Package ($59.99/month)

What You Get: Four curated article shares per month (posted weekly), complete with a personalized intro paragraph, a poll/survey (IHUBApp only), and a call to action.

Perfect For: Businesses looking for a more frequent content schedule to maintain audience interest and boost search engine rankings.

Pro Package ($99.99/month)

What You Get: A 30-minute one-on-one consultation, two curated article shares per month, complete with a personalized intro paragraph, a poll/survey (IHUBApp only), and a call to action, and two unique blog posts per month. Posts alternate bi-weekly, ensuring one new post per week.

Perfect For: Companies seeking a blend of curated and original content with tailored guidance to maximize their content strategy.


Enhance Your SEO & Marketing Strategy

We help our clients thrive by providing high-quality, optimized content that boost SEO and enhance marketing efforts. We specialize in crafting content that strengthens personal brands, improves websites and IHUBApps, and drives growth.


Establish Authority & Build Trust

Regularly publishing high-quality, optimized blog content positions your business as an industry expert. This helps build trust with your audience, as they see you as a knowledgeable and reliable source of information, ultimately fostering customer loyalty.


Increase Engagement & Drive Conversions

Optimized blog content not only attracts visitors but also engages them with valuable and relevant information. By addressing your audience’s needs and pain points, your content encourages readers to take action, driving higher conversion rates and boosting your business growth.