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Branding, Graphic Design, IHUBApp PWAs, WordPress Websites, and Content Packages

Scribaceous, Inc. is a woman-owned boutique design firm and IHUBApp agency dedicated to empowering small businesses through professional branding and web development. As an impactful resource for small business owners, we integrate graphic design and writing into everything we do. Our innovative, efficient, and intuitive approach will enhance your online presence.

Janet Doré, Chief Everything Officer of Scribaceous, Inc. — Your Resource for Small Business Services | SCRIBACEOUS.COM

We passionately & personally serve small business owners throughout the world.

Headquartered in San Diego, California since 2013. Currently operating from Panamá’s Azuero Peninsula.


We Are Innovative

We proudly offer our clients the cutting-edge IHUBApp progressive web app—a simpler, more affordable, and powerful platform for your small business. Our commitment to innovation in all that we do ensures your business thrives in today’s competitive digital landscape.


We Are Intuitive

Our well-honed intuition allows us to deeply understand your professional vision and mission. This ensures we accurately convey your brand in every aspect of our online presence, creating an authentic and true reflection of your business.


We Are Quality

We are meticulous and take pride in everything we create, whether it’s a simple graphic or a sophisticated IHUBApp or website. Each project reflects our commitment to excellence, ensuring we surpass expectations. Choosing us means choosing superior service and exceptional results!

Our Small Business Services

Branding & Graphics

Illuminate your small business with polished, professional and consistent branding.

WordPress Websites

Showcase your unique brand with a highly functional and responsive WordPress website.

IHUBApp Design

Boost your online presence affordably with a cutting-edge IHUBApp progressive web app.